Prince Vegeta


Breeder: Stoned Gorillas
Lineage: KOS Boggle Dragon (m) x TGA Raspberry Smash (f)
Type: Regular
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Time: 60 – 70 days
Yield: Large



Prince Vegeta by Stoned Gorillas

Prince Vegeta by Stoned Gorillas is a very nice high.

You can get nice and stoned with out any real tiredness hitting you at all, unless you have been smoking all day and it’s close to your bedtime you will have a nice restful sleep.

She is definitely a nice wake and bake strain that will give you that umph to get you up and moving in the morning while relieving you of some of those morning aches and pains.

We are not saying she is good as a medicinal pain management as we have not gone that far into testing with her yet but she does help us get those creaks out of our bones.

From our observations so far we have 2 beautiful phenos.

Our most prevalent Pheno so far is our Purple Prince Vegeta:

Our purple version should automatically turn purple as she ripens up.

Some more then others but if it’s a the purple version nothing needs to be done to make her turn purple.

Her nugs are slimmer but highly dense, with a thick coating of crystal like trichomes.

She brings over the Raspberry Smash Kush tastes and flavors but the Boggle Dragon has sweetened it up some while making the Kush taste not so much a punch in the face as her mother TGAs Raspberry Smash.

Staking is necessary especially the later in flower you get.

Our second Pheno is our Lime Green Prince Vegeta:

The Golden Prince Vegeta may not start off Golden but in flower especially during the ripening stages she starts to lime out and then turn golden in color the later into ripening you go.

She may contain hints of burgundy or purple during ripening.

Her structure is much like the purple version except  her buds are much larger, while packed with resin it is not as dense as the purple.

Smell is much like the Purple Prince Vegeta. Her yield will be larger then the purple version but not by much.

Staking is necessary especially the later in flower you get as the branches just cannot seem to handle the weight of the flowers.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

Saiyan Seeds

Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds, 5 Regular Seeds




TGA Raspberry Smash x KOS Boggle Dragon

Sativa/Indica Ratio

Sativa Dominant

THC Content


Flowering Time

65 – 70 Days




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