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Stoned Gorilla King

Hello, I’m D, The Stoned Gorilla King a seasoned cannabis enthusiast with over two decades of experience in cultivating this remarkable plant. I have the privilege of collaborating with The Rev at Kingdom Organic Seeds, and I also assist in maintaining their servers.

Throughout the years, The Rev from Kingdom Organic Seeds has been a guiding force in my life, generously sharing his wisdom and helping me develop the skills needed to create top-notch, potent cannabis genetics.

As the mastermind behind Stoned Gorillas, I am proud to introduce our acclaimed strains, such as Senzu Bean – an incredibly powerful hybrid – and Prince Vegeta – another highly potent hybrid that garners rave reviews.

My cultivation approach is rooted in sustainability and quality, utilizing Gaia Green Dry Fertilizers, Rootwise Inoculants, and purified well water to nourish my plants.

I take immense pride in the work I do and stand firmly behind the quality of my seeds, offering a germination guarantee to all of our valued customers.