Son Goku Saiyan Seeds Collection

Son Goku a Highly Potent Hybrid bred from Our Saiyan Seeds Collection Bardock crossed with Kingdom Organic Seeds Fat Tuesday…

Son Goku by Stoned Gorillas Saiyan Seeds
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Stoned Gorilla Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Seeds

All of our seeds are bred indoors in a controlled environment. We take time to select hardy strong parents, that will work well for many growers and growing styles. We guarantee the Quality of our Seeds…

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Cannabis Flower

When our strains are grown you will be rewarded with large dense flowers. All of our strains provide fairly nice yields that are highly potent and seriously frosted, with some unique flavors

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Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates made from our strains are Potent & Flavorful. Our flowers will provide large returns when concentrated approx 25%+ Our genetics will open a new world of flavor and effects…

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Why Us

Why Grow Stoned Gorilla Strains

Stoned Gorilla Farms is Dedicated to Creating High Quality Cannabis and Cannabis Seeds that will always be grown Fully Organic and All Natural…

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