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Stoned Gorilla Farms

Welcome to the Stoned Gorillas. We are a family run Cannabis Breeding Company. We focus on High Quality Potent Strains that can be used for Recreational, Medicinal and Breeding Purposes. All of our strains are for sale at


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You Have Questions?

Where Did Stoned Gorillas Farm come from?

First let me start off by Saying, I’m D. I own and operate Stoned Gorillas Farm with my Family. We also own and operate

Stoned Gorilla Farms was started so we could start providing my own Custom Strains.

What happened to Saiyan Seeds?

Nothing. Saiyan Seeds is now part of the Stoned Gorillas. All Saiyan Seeds strains will be branded as Stoned Gorilla and these strains will be our Saiyan Seeds Collection. 

We did this so we can broaden our strain catalog without focusing on only Dragon Ball Z related Strains.

Wheres the Farm Located?

The Farm on the East Coast of The United States located in Virginia.

Didn't I hear something about an NFT?

Yes, we do have an NFT Collection. No we have not launched it.

The reason we did not launch it, is the fact the Crypto Space as a whole became to volatile in our current Economy.

We will launch our NFT in the Future, and it will contain Utilities for Discounts, Free Seeds and more…