Senzu Bean


Breeder: Stoned Gorillas
Lineage: Boggle Dragon (m) x Harlox (f)
Type: Regular
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Time: 70 – 75 days
Yield: Large

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Senzu Bean by Stoned Gorillas

Senzu Bean by Stoned Gorillas is going to become a favorite to many.

While we cannot comment on the healing properties we were hoping to achieve with this strain as of yet, we can discuss her high. With flavors and smells being described as Trix Cereal, Fruity, Musky, Dank we feel that either of the pheno types you find you will enjoy.

Before we venture further we have to warn you, YOU NEED GROWING EXPERIENCE WITH THESE CANNABIS SEEDS!

Through all of our testers the one comment we found similar was she is a hard plant to deal with. She can be very picky especially when using any kind of fertilizing regime weather it be Organic or Synthetic.

We grow everything in a No Till fashion which basically lets the plant decides what it needs, we believe because of this we have not experienced the same difficulties growing her as many of the testers did during there first grows with her.

Overall this girl is a Large Yielding plant.

With her lineage coming from Kingdom Organic Seeds Boggle Dragon crossed with Harlox by RareDankness we knew the yields would be nice.

We believe there is really only one pheno at this time.

It seems each plant has it’s own unique twist to the overall smell and flavor, but each plant still resembles each other pretty much the same, while some may be a little more dense then others the growth pattern is familiar in what we have observed.

Her high can be an intense high and can even display some Indica like qualities where some say they just didn’t want to move.

The high has nice long legs and is something we believe any smoker would love to enjoy.

Stoned Gorillas has really produced a winner with this girl.

We like her so much that you usually find her in our grow room.

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Weight 1 oz

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Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds




Majin Buu x Dark Dragon

Sativa/Indica Ratio

Sativa Dominant

THC Content


Flowering Time

65 – 70 Days