Moon Beams – Tester


Breeder: Stoned Gorillas
Lineage: Iron Cindy x Powerball
Type: Regular
Flowering Time: 65 – 70 days
Yield: Extra Large

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Moon Beams
Iron Cindy x Power Ball

Moon Beams emerges as an unequivocally sativa-dominant hybrid that holds the captivating promise of delivering an otherworldly cannabis experience. With a flowering period that should land right around 65 to 70 days, this strain strikes a harmonious balance between an attainable cultivation timeline and the anticipation of producing robust yields.

The marriage of KOS Iron Cindy and Power Ball genetics forms an unambiguous foundation for a strain that distinctly gravitates toward uplifting effects and intriguing flavors. In the realm of speculation, users can expect a pronounced surge of euphoria and cerebral elevation, rendering Moon Beams an inspired choice for stimulating daytime endeavors and imaginative ventures.

Aromatically, Moon Beams is projected to exude a captivating fusion of scents, seamlessly merging the acrid nuances from KOS Iron Cindy with the potentially citrusy, tangy, and tropical notes of Power Ball. This aromatic symphony is poised to create a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary and enhances the overall cannabis journey.

Embracing its true sativa dominance, Moon Beams is primed to bestow mental clarity, motivation, and an intensified sense of focus. The hallmarks of sativa strains make Moon Beams a compelling candidate for warding off stress, enhancing productivity, and unlocking a wellspring of creativity.

This Girl is an unequivocal sativa-dominant hybrid that draws from the finest attributes of its parent strains.

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Stoned Gorillas

Sativa/Indica Ratio

Sativa Dominant Hybrid



Pack Size

10 Regular Seeds


Iron Cindy x Power Ball

Flowering Time

65 – 70 Days


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