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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this Project For?

This project is for those Cannabis Enthusiasts & Business Owners looking to save some money in there overall costs and those looking to support the creation of Block Chain Technologies that will help assert ownership and/or authenticity of assets such as Strain Catalogs, Consumer Products, Lab Reports and more.

Our Buyers Club is the first step in this by helping every Stoned Gorilla Holder save money on there cannabis related purchases.

What am I actually buying?

We want to ensure we are very clear here. Your purchase is specifically a membership that will ensure you save money on purchases of cannabis related products. As well as allowing you to be part of an exclusive group of Cannabis Businesses and Consumers that directly have an interest in furthering the Cannabis Industry. We hope to make our community one where we can help each and every member flourish in what they are doing in this space.

We are already preparing for the Stoned Gorillas Farm. As of 2022 Commercial Cannabis is not Legal in Virginia. Lawmakers are trying to allow for Commercial Production by 2023. For 2022 The Stoned Gorillas Farm is only allowed four plants and nothing harvested is to be sold. We will use this time to create and test our first line of genetics. We will allow Stoned Gorilla NFT Holders that want test the new genetics do so, as new genetics are released to the community we will at that time take names of users wanting to test. It will be a first come, first test basis.

You are also purchasing the Full and Exclusive Copyright of any Stoned Gorilla NFT you own.(If you sell your Stoned Gorilla NFT you have Officially Surrendered any and all Copyright Privileges you hold, and these are transferred to the new owner.) You may use your Stoned Gorilla however you may choose. You do also gain the right to use the Official Stoned Gorilla Logo with  approval from our team at no cost to you.

Everything else should be considered a project that you get to have say in on how it will be developed and launched. If the project comes with a promise of receiving an item, upon receiving your gift you have the right to keep, sell, or whatever you may decide to do with it. Please be aware though all projects will move forward at the direction of the community and if the majority of the community decides we should scrap a project then this is what will occur.

Will you Offer Subscriptions?

Yes. Upon launch of the Site we will offer Subscriptions to Non NFT Holders. Subscribers to StoneGorillas.com will not receive the same benefits of Stoned Gorilla NFT Holders. They will be able to purchase from the site at a Discounted Rate but will not receive Airdrops, Metaverse Property or other Perks.

What Blockchain?

The NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

When will the Shop be ready?

The Stoned Gorillas Shop is already complete. All genetics from CannaGeneticsBank.com are listed here at discounted rates, these two websites share the same stock and keep everything synced, so you cannot purchase something that is sold out.

Stoned Gorilla Genetics will only be sold by us on StonedGorillas.com, we will in no way sell these on CannaGeneticsBank.com.

As Stoned Gorilla NFT Holders you do obtain the right to sell the Stoned Gorilla Genetics at whatever retail rate you decide.

Please also be aware during the first few months after the Launch it will take some time to bring in more products while we setup wholesale accounts and get products shipped in. Please also be patient while the world figures out its supply chain issues. We are only allowed to move as fast as our suppliers allow.

How will the Money be Spent?

Please see below a breakdown on how funds will be used:

  • 10% of Funds will be used to Pay Founders and Staff
  • 50% of Funds will be used to acquire products to stock, the storage of these products as well as to buy land to expand the farm.
  • 5% will be used to Develop and Provide the ALZ Airdrop.
  • 20% of Funds will be used to pay the Licensing of Unity, setting up of servers, and the actual build out of the Metaverse World.
  • 15% of Funds will be used for Marketing of the Stoned Gorillas and its future utilities.

Any remaining funds from any given area will be re-vested into stocking more products and brands or to help facilitate the building out of the Metaverse World.

This is subject to change slightly during Community Votes.

What is the Metaverse Project?

What we are looking to do is create a Metaverse World. This Metaverse will be a world where business can be conducted and some fun can take place. We are currently building out a couple different worlds for the community to test and decide which way we move forward. The community will continue to get to test the updates as new builds become available to test.

Once Property Boundaries have been accepted by a vote from the community we will hold a Land Scramble Event. Stoned Gorilla NFT holders will have a chance to scramble for the property location they want. We will ensure that all Stoned Gorilla NFT Holders have a chance to explore the world and scout property locations before the scramble begins.

What is Stoned Gorillas Farm?

The Stoned Gorillas Farm will utilize our personal land which is currently 4 Acres until we can find a larger property to move our operation too.

The Stoned Gorillas Farm will be to provide the Stoned Gorillas Community Unique Genetics, Exclusively for the Stoned Gorilla Community. For 2022 Commercial Growing cannot take place. We are only allowed 4 Plants this year and nothing harvested can be sold. We will take this time to create our first strains for the community to test.

Will this go to the Moon?

The Stoned Gorillas Club is being built on what we believe is a solid foundation. With the sales from the web store, and the revenue generated from harvests once commercial production can occur in Virginia will help continue funding all the projects and utilities we plan to offer.

While we cannot guarantee this NFT will go up in value, what we can guarantee is that by Holding this NFT and shopping in our web store you will save more money than the cost of this NFT.

What if we don't Sell Out?

While we do not believe this will be a problem what will occur is 72 Hours after Minting launch, all minting will stop. 75% of unminted Stoned Gorilla NFTs will be Couch Locked for 1 Year. The remaining 25% of unminted Stoned Gorilla NFTs will be used for giveaways for existing holders to hodl, give to a friend, trade or sell. As well we will use some of these to provide as giveaways to Subscription Members and Non Members.

Can I become a Partner?

If you have a Cannabis Brand and would like to become a partner please Email Us at: [email protected]

We will take into consideration all requests. But please understand that it is impossible for us to accept every request. At this moment in time we will be looking for partners that can provide our community the most benefit.