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Stoned Gorillas

About The Stoned Gorillas

About Us

Stoned Gorilla Farms is Dedicated to creating Highly Potent, Flavorful Unique Cannabis Genetics.

We Guarantee the Quality of our Seeds. If our seeds do not germinate we will replace them at no cost to the customer.

Stoned Gorilla Farms is operated by D, from CannaGeneticsBank.com and KingdomOrganicSeeds.com.

He is the head breeder for The Stoned Gorillas. D, has over 2 decades of experience in growing and breeding High Quality Cannabis.

He has been taught and mentored by The Rev from Kingdom Organic Seeds.

We at The Stoned Gorillas are true lovers of Cannabis and because of such we will dedicate our selves to continually creating Unique Strains, that provide high potency, unique flavors, and push the limits of cannabis genetics.