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Lineage: Fat Tuesday (m) x Bardock(f)
Type: Regular
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Time: 70 – 75 days
Yield: Heavy Yielding


Son Goku by Stoned Gorillas

Fat Tuesday(m) x Bardock(f)

Son Goku is part of our Saiyan Seeds Collection and is a easy to grow large yielding sativa dominant hybrid.

She will produce large resinous flowers that provide unique aromas and flavors.

Kingdom Organic Seeds Fat Tuesday really shows in the flower structure and in the aroma of this girl.

She is a great smoke for anyone looking to relax.

If you have a lower tolerance then you should take it slow as her effects can be quite strong.

If your a seasoned smoker looking for a good time while having an abundance of creativity look no further.

She is a girl that every cannabis connoisseur will want to get to know.

If you are looking for some help or grow advice when it comes to this girl please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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